Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication (BSTC)

Technical communication is among the driving forces behind the rapid growth, dissemination, and assimilation of technology.  It plays a vital role in the competitive strategy of any organization in any industry.   

BSTC is a uniquely Mapua program.  It is a fusion of the traditional Mapua strength (engineering and technology) and an emerging Mapua strength (English and communication).   

Founded on a strong liberal education component, the program has at its core the integration of communication principles and practices with concepts in the sciences, business, and information and engineering technology.

Students of this program are trained to think clearly and analytically so they can communication technical and scientific information to a wide audience range – from experts to lay.  They develop these 21st century skills: communication skills, scientific and technical knowledge, computer skills.

Regular students complete the program in three years, and are hired within three months after graduation.

Graduates of this program are hired as:

◂    technical writers

◂    content managers and developers

◂    website designers and editors

◂    copywriters

◂    corporate communication officers

◂    crisis communication officers

◂    designers and editors of newsletters, brochures, manuals

◂    designers of sales, marketing, and advertising and communication campaigns

◂    instructional materials developers

◂    usability testers

◂    information specialists

◂    creative directors

◂    public relations specialists

◂    lay-out artists

◂    researchers

◂    trainers