English Cluster

Department of Arts and Letters

The English Cluster is the force behind the English courses in the university. Such English courses aim to bolster the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills of students -- all through a unique perspective and approach. In these courses, students are encouraged to employ communication skills in real-life situations in both the academe and the workplace. Students are also challenged to integrate such skills with the unique Mapúan brand of innovation. 

The Cluster has also started recently offering the course Purposive Communication. In this course, students are not only taught the basics of enhancing their communication skills, but they are molded to become culturally sensitive, responsible, and ethical communicators. 

The Cluster is home to faculty members with training in English and English Language Teaching. These faculty members also work with the Mapúa English Language Center to train students in and assess them in terms of vital communication skills that they will use in their professional and academic lives.