The Department of Arts and Letters advocates – in the very first place – the total human development of the Mapúan through program and course offerings in the Languages and the Humanities and in Communication.  These offerings gain for the students a solid understanding of the human experience and of human values from which lens they examine themselves, their community, and the world; and because of which they pursue goals for the common good.
The Department houses 4 clusters: the Humanities Cluster, the English Cluster, the Filipino Cluster, and the Communication Cluster. 

It offers the following courses under the new General Education Curriculum:

  • Purposive Communication
  • Ethics
  • Art Appreciation
  • Filipino sa Epektibong Komunikasyong Pampropesyunal
  • Mga Piling Basa sa Panitikang Filipino
  • Literatura at Lipunan
  • Great Books
  • Contemporary Literature
The undergraduate program Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication is also offered by the Department.